Q: How long do they keep for?

A: We do not use preservatives or fillers so our cookies are best enjoyed within 5-7 days of purchase. To prolong shelf life, keep in an airtight container.

Q. How to place an order?

A: For pick-up in Culver City, orders must be placed by Thursday 10pm. 
For pick-up at Smorgasburg, orders must be placed by Saturday 10pm. or first come first serve Every Sunday from 10 am- 4pm ( or sold out)

Q: How to best enjoy?

A: For the best Lei’d Cookies experience warm the Choloate cookies using an oven or microwave. If using the microwave heat for anywhere between 12-24 seconds, time is dependent on the type of microwave and type of cookie. The fruit  cookies are best enjoyed at room temp.

Q: Do you ship?

A: We do! Only select flavors. please allow 3 days for shipping. and cookies should be comsumed withen 3 days of arrival. 

Q: Do you do deliveries for special occasions such as Birthdays?

A: Inquiries are welcome and must be put in a week prior to delivery date. If approved, orders may be subject to $10 fee. To make an inquiry please email leidcookies@gmail.com

Q: Are they gluten free or vegan?

A:  Only one flavor is gluten-free-vegan for now. Our Guava Snickerdoodle.