By supporting us, you’re also supporting other local small businesses like ourselves!

Chocolate ~ from ChocoVivo whom practices organic, sustainable farming methods. It is female owned and has created the first woman’s cacao co-op in the region. They continue to practice Mayan tradition at the first bean-to-bar factory in LA.

Flour ~ from Roan Mills: Roan mills is the first farmer-miller-baker in California. They grow the wheat and mill it right here in Southern California! 100% whole grain, stone milled, & organic flour.

Butter ~ from Petaluma Creamery home to 400, non-GMO, no-hormones & 100% organic Jersey cows with pasture access. Their farm is located in Northern California, 15 minutes from Leilani’s hometown, yet the butter is purchased from the Studio City Farmer’s Market.

Eggs ~ from Don Beto’s Farms: Family owned and operated since 1989, in Arvin California. You can check out their free-range-cage-free Rhode Island Red chickens on Instagram eating all the fresh cherries. You can purchase the eggs yourself at the Studio City Farmer’s Market.

Vanilla Extract ~ from Yours Truly: We make the extract from scratch, with high quality premium organic Vanilla beans, and "Our/Los Angeles Vodka" which has a distillery located here in the heart of the Los Angeles Arts District. This is a minimum 2-month process, and we make sure to add lots of love!