Meet the Founders

James and Leilani share a passion for not just cookies but also taking an active stance on matters such as the planet, BLM, and body positivity, just to name a few. We believe in quality and sustainable farming matter and have put time and effort into choosing farms and locally sourced ingredients that reflect our values. We know people have the power to decide supply and demand. Therefore, when you shop local, organic, sustainable, and ethical, you’re not only creating a greater market for that, you’re also helping the planet. The ingredients are quality, and the cookies are made in small batches. Each batch is a three-day process that requires attention to detail, so it’s safe to say they’re made with a whole lot of care and love. We are not just cookies, we are purposeful and here to make a difference one bite at a time. When you try our cookies, you’ll know they’re ours because they are so good, you’ll feel like you just got Lei’d!