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  • Q: What makes Lei'd Cookies "worth it"?
  • A: Lei'd Cookies are made with locally sourced, organic and ethical ingredients. 
  • Q: What does "that" mean?
  • A: We purchase our flour, butter, eggs and chocolate all from local suppliers mostly from the farmers market. All of these vendors produce their own product right here in Southern California! Check out our website for info on each company!
  1. Lei'd cookies are made in small batches, to ensure the highest quality of each cookie. 
  2. All of our Cookies are made with organic browned butter that brings out the caramel buttery flavor in the cookies. 
  3. All the cookies are made with rich organic ingredients that do not contain any preservatives. 
  4. Thats why we bake them fresh for you! They last 7 days after baked. And are best served warm!! 
  • The LA local- is our Original chocolate chip cookie! topped with flaked sea salt, and made with two kinds of chocolate chips. 
  • The Mayan- is our tribute to the Mexican Hot Cocoa. It is warm and spicy, with notes of cinnamon and cayenne. An instant favorite!! We grind two types of Fresh Cinnamon just before they are added to the batch. 
  • The Hawaiian- is a bite of paradise! Stuffed with Macadamia and Coconuts, this cookie is both crispy and chewy for the perfect taste! Made with Two kinds of coconuts for an excellent texture. 


  • Lei'd Cookies are carried at the following locations:
  1. Cafe Ruisseau (2 coffee shops ~ Santa Monica & Playa Vista)
  2. Augustine (Wine bar ~ Ventura Blvd)
  3. i.8sushi (Sushi restaurant ~ Van Nuys)
  4. Mignon (Wine bar & restaurant ~ Downtown LA)
  5. Lokels.Only (Community Kitchen ~ Chinatown)
  6. Melrose Place (Farmers Market)
  7. Calabasas (Farmers Market)
  8. Bondi (Empanada restaurant ~ Van Nuys)
  9. Violet Cactus (Wedding Venue ~ Burbank)